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SolbianFlex-lightweight, high power solar panels

Seller: OceanPlanet
City: Woolwich State: Maine Country: USA
Useful link: http://www.bruceschwab.com/...


High-output, semi-flexible, lightweight solar panels made by SOLBIAN (Italy). Previous high-output panels have been heavy, cumbersome and armed with dangerously sharp corners. Other flexible panels have been very low-output.

Solbian has made a significant advance with these new solar panels in both power and light weight. They have been proven in use by top short-handed racers like Giovanni Soldini (Telecom Italia), Marc Guillemot (Safran), and many high-performance cruisers.

The high-power versions (SP-50L, SP-50Q, and SP-100L) are the highest output (per sq. ft.) and lightest weight solar panels available. They use a new type of cell increasing the amount of power you can get from a given size of panel. The SP-40L, SP-40Q, SP-80L, and CP125 represent a great value for their high output and low weight.

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